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As nuisance wildlife removal professionals and lifetime trappers of animals, Best Way Animal Removal can be trusted to handle almost any wildlife issue you may have at home or at your business.  Let’s face it, dealing with unwanted critters or pests isn’t for everyone.

Our team adheres to humane and environmentally effective techniques for animal control using time-tested methods, creative strategies, and proven technologies for wildlife removal.  In situations where relocation isn’t practical and/or allowed by state or location regulations, Best Way Animal Removal will euthanize the animal according to standards issued by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Here’s a quick list of other wildlife species we see in Michigan and get calls on every year:

Mice & Rat Removal

When rodents enter your home or business, they can be a nuisance by leaving behind feces, chewing through materials, and spreading diseases. Diseases carried by rodents can also be transmitted to humans via ticks, mites, or fleas that have eaten an infected rodent. Direct contact with urine, feces, saliva, or bites can also spread disease.

Best Way Animal Removal can assist with getting rid of mice & rats for you. Our focus is on helping with your possible infestation but also looking for ways to prevent future issues.

Woodchuck Control

Woodchucks burrow underneath buildings and can cause serious structural damage.  There’s nothing worse than a woodchuck burrowing under the cement slab of your barn or outbuilding.  The good news is they are easy to trap & remove from your property.

Our wildlife removal technicians will come out to your home and determine the best options to exclude woodchucks from your property.

Muskrat Removal

Muskrats are large rodents that live near slow-moving rivers, lakes, and marshes in Michigan. Muskrats are primarily aquatic vegetation eaters, but their underground burrows weaken shorelines, dikes, and riverbanks, causing landowners’ problems. They may also eat garden plants and crops on occasion.

If you grow a vegetable garden next to your pond, a muskrat may love you for it.  Humane trapping is the most effective way of humanely removing muskrats from your property.

Nuisance Bird Control

Birds often cause more harm than any other wild animal. Bacteria and fungi are abundant in their nest, and birds’ nest material can spread various diseases. Inhaling the nest’s spores may cause histoplasmosis. Pigeons, starlings, chimney swifts, sparrows, swallows, and woodpeckers are among the most common birds that cause problems for Michigan homeowners and industrial buildings.

Birds can take up residence in dryer vents, eaves, chimneys, and attics. Call us today at (616) 836-4255 to get started on excluding birds from your property.

Coyote Removal

Coyotes can be found in both rural and urban areas throughout Michigan. They are active at all day and night hours but are most active at sunrise and sunset. They are plentiful in areas with sufficient food, cover, and water. Breeding season is from January to March, and this is when people are more likely to see and hear coyotes.

Coyotes will sometimes prey on pets, poultry, and seem to love watermelons.  With the decline of the wolf population, we are seeing more coyotes in residential areas.  Call us today at (616) 836-4255 and we can help.

Fox Control & Prevention

Foxes can and will build dens under porches, sheds, and decks in residential areas.  The lure of easy food sources such as pet dishes and unsecured garbage can result in these backyard visitors.

Dealing with a fox on your property is unsafe and should be left to trained wildlife removal professionals.

Mink Removal

Nuisance minks are members of the weasel family and are definitely present in Michigan.  Minks can be an issue for those raising chickens as they especially love eggs.  Minks are also skilled hunters and love decorative fish ponds.

The most effective methods for removing minks are trapping, habitat modification, and even exclusion. Mink trapping is the most effective way to get rid of them from your property. Repellents for minks and electronic devices may be ineffective. Trapping is still the most effective method of controlling minks.

Beaver Control

Beavers are considered North America’s largest rodent. They live in water and construct dams (living areas) from logs, sticks, and whatever else they can find. They use their large teeth to saw down trees and branches.

Beavers can do an incredible amount of damage in a short period of time.  It’s been said a beaver can down 200 trees per year.  If you have active signs a beaver is working around your pond or stream, call us today and we can remove the animals as soon as possible.

Snake Removal & Exclusion

In Michigan, there are 18 snake species, only one of which is venomous. The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake is a federally endangered species that cannot be caught or killed. Although several snake species resemble the Eastern Massasauga, only the Eastern Massasauga has a segmented rattle on its tail.

Snakes can be a nuisance around your home.  Best Way Animal Removal can assist in the removal of snakes and we can close possible structure access holes.


Areas Serviced For Wildlife Trapping & Exclusion

Allegan County, MI

Allegan, Douglas, Fennville, Holland, Hopkins, Martin, Otsego, Plainwell, Saugatuck, South Haven, Wayland

Kent County, MI

Byron Center, Caledonia, Casnovia, Cedar Springs, Comstock Park, Cutlerville, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kent City, Kentwood, Lowell, Northview, Rockford, Sand Lake, Sparta, Walker, Wyoming

Muskegon County, MI

Casnovia, Fruitport, Lakewood Club, Montague, Muskegon, Muskegon Heights, North Muskegon, Norton Shores, Ravenna, Roosevelt Park, Twin Lake, Whitehall, Wolf Lake

Ottawa County, MI

Coopersville, Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, Holland, Hudsonville, Zeeland, Spring Lake, Allendale, Beechwood, Jenison, MI

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