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Are you looking for professional Allendale raccoon removal services? Raccoons in an attic can be a nightmare for homeowners. Raccoons crush attic insulation, leave large piles of feces inside the home along with urine that will destroy drywall, and they also present health risks from rabies to raccoon roundworm. If you have raccoons in the attic, we can help!

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The removal process starts with a phone call. We will gather information that allows us to customize a wildlife removal plan.


Home Inspection

We begin the with a complete home inspection to find animal entry points, potentially vulnerable areas and evidence such as feces or paw prints..


After we gather intel, we then set up traps to humanely get rid of nuisance animals causing damages or that have recently moved into your home.

Repair & Restoration

Once the animals have been removed will access the  damages and provide full services for clean up, repair, and animal exclusion services to keep them out for good.

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Attic Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are not particular about their habitat or the fact they might be living in a structure designed for humans.  Raccoons have shown the ability to adapt to urban or suburban settings and commonly build dens inside homes & buildings.  Raccoons only need a small opening or gap and will sometimes chew their way through openings in your fascia boards.  They are masters at locating rotted wood and busting through the weakness. As with bats, raccoons are primarily nocturnal critters and are on the prowl at night.

Allendale, Michigan Nuisance Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are known for their destructive habits and mischievous curiosity, making them one of the most common wildlife nuisances in Allendale, Michigan. The majority of homeowners will have to deal with raccoons on their property at some point. Knocked over garbage cans, stolen pet food, damage to the lawn/garden, and activity under attics, inside chimneys or attics are signs of raccoons inside the home. Since these critters crawl into hard-to-reach places, it’s recommended to contact a wildlife control professional for humane and safe raccoon removal.

Signs Of Raccoons In The Attic

  • Problems With Heating And Cooling (Caused By Damaged Insulation)
  • Soffit Or Fascia Boards Have Been Damaged
  • Ceiling Stains
  • Holes Visible On The Exterior Of The Roof
  • Unusual Odors Coming From The Attic
  • Electrical Issues (Caused By Chewed Wires)
  • Urine And Feces In The Attic

The technicians at Best Way Animal Removal are the local experts for wild animal control and raccoon removal in Allendale. To better serve homeowners with all of their wildlife management needs, we offer trapping services and a variety of other wildlife removal services. Dead Animal Removal, raccoon proofing, wildlife damage repair, raccoon feces clean-up, and wildlife control services from attics are some of our most needed and offered wild animal control services. Our experienced technicians and localized training make Best Way the best choice for any Allendale, MI wildlife removal situation.


Raccoon sounds include vocalizations used by the animals to communicate with one another, as well as noises produced by their rustling, scurrying, and other activities. Raccoons are known for their ability to communicate using over 200 different sounds.Snarling, purring, whimpering, growling, hissing, screaming, chittering, and even owl like hooting and screeching are all examples of loud noises they can make. Some raccoon trappers even say raccoons can bark like dogs when under stress. Chattering, whining, crying and mewing are some of the baby raccoon sounds. A rabies infected raccoon may make high-pitched squeals.

We proudly service Allendale Michigan and the surrounding areas for pest moles and all nuisance wildlife problems.

Dangers Of Having Raccoons In The Home

image of dangers of raccoons in a home attic

Raccoons are common in homes, and if not removed, they can cause many problems. The best way to deal with a raccoon problem is to keep them out of your house in the first place. If raccoons gain access to your home, they pose several threats to your family and will require a licensed trapper to get rid of them. The most significant dangers of having raccoons in your home are listed below.


Raccoon toileting is the kind of complex behavior that is fascinating to read about but less fascinating to witness in person. Raccoons create communal defecation sites, known as latrines, at the base of trees, on top of tree stumps, or inside the attic. Apart from being gross, these latrines can put small children in danger if they eat raccoon feces or feces-contaminated dirt or debris while playing outside. Because raccoon feces often contain eggs of the raccoon roundworm, Baylisascaris procyonis, this exposure can result in disease transmission.

Raccoon Attacks

Trying to get rid of raccoons on your own can be dangerous. When threatened, raccoons become aggressive and may bite or scratch. Some of the health risks listed above could occur as a result of a raccoon attack. In most cases, a female raccoon and her young are found in an attic. The babies will suffer and starve to death if the mother is trapped and relocated. It is critical that the babies, as well as the mother, be removed and relocated. Because this isn’t a simple task, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional, such as the Wildlife Control Team at Best Way Animal Removal.

Structural Damage

Raccoons usually get into houses through the roof and up into the attic. Climbing up a nearby tree is the most common way they gain access to the roof, where they can use their powerful claws to tear through shingles, fascia, and soffits to create an opening. Raccoons can fit through holes with a diameter of 4 to 6 inches, and if they discover a gap in your roof, they will tear it open to expand it. Raccoon damage to the roof should be repaired as soon as possible because large openings on or near the roof can cause structural damage and allow rain to enter, resulting in water damage and mold. The majority of raccoon damage occurs in the attic and on the roof. Once inside, raccoons tear apart attics in search of materials to construct a nest. They have been known to rip apart drywall, insulation, and pipe insulation, as well as tear holes in air ducts, and even live inside the HVAC system. Raccoons may also chew on wiring and wood, posing a significant fire hazard. Some wildlife professionals may lack the necessary equipment or training to fully repair damage caused by a raccoon infestation in the attic, requiring a wildlife damage restoration specialist.

The 3 Step Raccoon Exclusion Process


Best Way Animal Removal offers a full-service home inspection to determine the source of your raccoon problem. If you have raccoons or other wildlife in your attic, we will locate the nest and entry point. We’ll provide you with a written explanation of the problem, as well as an itemized price list for all of the repairs required to solve your wildlife problem. Roof, attic, backyard, foundation, chimney, and overview of your home and wildlife problem are all included in home inspections. If there is enough time to provide proper service without being rushed, service may be performed at the inspection time.

Trapping & Exclusion

Trapping is an efficient way to get rid of raccoons. Raccoons are no match for our professional trappers. We know how to set traps in strategic locations to solve your raccoon problem quickly. Raccoons cannot be transported alive in Michigan unless they have a DNR permit and must either be released or euthanized in the county where they are captured. Raccoon control deterrents such as chimney caps and vent covers are effective raccoon deterrents.

Whenever possible, exclusion tactics are the best method for preventing raccoon damage. Raccoons can enter structures through vents or other openings. Our wildlife professionals can replace the damaged and vulnerable roof and ventilation vents with designs that prevent raccoon entry. It’s possible to prevent access from a chimney by securely fastening a commercial cap of sheet metal over the top of the chimney. The caps may only be installed once the animals have been removed to prevent trapping a raccoon family inside your home.

Clean-Up & Damage Repair

Sealing the entry points and repairing the damage caused by the raccoons is critical after the raccoons have been captured. Furthermore, if raccoons have been living in the attic for a long time, the attic may need to be cleaned and sanitized. Our company also provides attic cleaning services in Allendale, Michigan. The attic is reconditioned by removing raccoon poop/feces, removing contaminated insulation, and installing new insulation. The new insulation we use has a high R-Value, which helps to keep your home warm during Michigan’s bitterly cold winters.

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