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Zeeland is a city in Ottawa County, Michigan, United States. The town is situated on the western edge of the politically autonomous Zeeland Charter Township. Its name is derived from Zeeland, a Dutch province. The population was 5,465 according to census estimates from 2009.

History Of Zeeland Michigan

Image of zeeland mi downtown in the 1950s Jannes Vande Luyster’s generous heart and willing hands overflowed in 1847 when he donated his life and assets to Zeeland’s settlement (which would become Zeeland Charter Township). Vande Luyster provided passage for those without the financial means by selling all of his physical assets in the Netherlands. He was also well equipped when he arrived to select and purchase land and extend credit to those in need.

The Ottawa Indians, a present and prominent source of aid to the Zeeland immigrants, have often been overshadowed by the Vande Luyster name and memories of his vision and efforts. The Indians taught the first Zeeland settlers wilderness survival skills such as snaring and hunting wild game, as well as the unusual task of felling trees, because “the land was a majestic wilderness – an unbroken forest of tall pine, monster oaks, and cedars, with Zeeland in the depths of this forest.”

As a result of the Indians’ teachings on survival in such a harsh environment, the early immigrants found their hardships lessened, and their success increased. Poverty, disease, and a lack of food plagued the Zeelanders in the early months. However, their perseverance in the face of adversity resulted in the clearing of forest land, crop planting, and the construction of 120 log homes by the fall of 1847.

Because their tools were limited and manual labor was exhausting, clearing the dense forest was an all-consuming task that took weeks and months of daily effort. After the land has been cleared, the construction of their homes can begin. Settlers followed a general plan used to construct these log homes. The majority were about 18 x 20 feet in size, with split log flooring. The interior of these one-room homes was finished with a table, chairs, bedstead, and fireplace.

Services Offered

In Zeeland, Michigan, animal removal services are offered for residents in need of assistance. Nuisance wildlife trapping is the process of humane wild animal removal from Zeeland homes. Due to the potential damage caused by Michigan wildlife, wild animal control experts provide animal removal, wild animal damage repair, attic restoration, and feces cleanup services. Wildlife control in Michigan can only be done by licensed professionals. Some of the services offered are:

Arts & Entertainment In Zeeland

The Gerald R. Ford Museum, the Cappon House Museum, and the Holland Museum are all located near Zeeland. The Settlers House, formerly the cottage of Canadian immigrant Thomas Morrissey, is a popular historical site. Showpieces from the nineteenth century can be found throughout the house.

Grand Haven State Park, Holland State Park, and Saugatuck Dunes State Park are among the many parks in the area. Zeeland Attractions include:

  • Grand Haven State Park
  • Settlers House
  • John Ball Zoo
  • Snow Snake
  • Frederik Meijer Garden &
  • Sculpture Park
  • Cappon House Museum

Zeeland, MI Demographics

  • Population: 5,536
  • Population Of Under The Age Of 18: 21.9%
  • Population Over The Age Of 65: 25.4%
  • Average Home Value: $149,100
  • People Per Household: 2.22
  • Average Work Commute: 17.5 min

Information was gathered from the US Census.

Educational Institutions In Zeeland

  • Ottawa Area Intermediate School District
  • Zeeland East High School
  • Zeeland West High School
  • Innocademy Charter School (K-8)
  • National Heritage Academies (Eagle Crest Charter Academy)
  • iCademy Global (9-12)
  • Woodbridge Elementary School
  • New Groningen Elementary School
  • Adams Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Cityside Middle School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Quincy Elementary School
  • Creekside Middle School

Zeeland’s Media Outlets

Adrian Van Kovering founded The Zeeland Record in 1893, which began as a newspaper and print shop. The Record is still in print three generations later, with a local circulation of 2,000 copies. The Record has evolved over the course of a century to meet the changing demands of commerce using the best production methods available.

Other news online and print publications available to Zeeland residents include the Holland Sentinel, The Flashes, and the Grand Rapids Press. Radio stations that call Zeeland home include WTHS, WHTC, and WYVN.

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