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Do you need Blendon squirrel removal for squirrels in the attic? All of your nuisance wild animal needs can be met by Best Way Animal Removal. We specialize in live squirrel removal, control, and prevention for residential homes, condos, warehouses, and all other commercial properties in Blendon, Michigan. Our wildlife control experts can also disinfect and repair damaged areas that have been affected by the squirrel infestation.

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The first step in removing squirrels is to make a phone call. We can gather data that will aid in the development of a wildlife control strategy and set a time for the wildlife inspection.


Property Inspection

We start by inspecting your home thoroughly for possible entry points and evidence of squirrel activity such as chewed wiring, nesting materials, or feces.

Exclusion/ Removal

Following that, a wildlife technician will seal all entry points and install live trapping devices. Once all squirrels are captured, they are relocated far away from the property.

Repairs & Clean-Up

After the critters have been removed, a technician will perform a damage assessment and possibly recommend damage repair, clean-up, and squirrel-proofing services.

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Getting rid of squirrels in Blendon Michigan is only the first step in resolving a problem with those pesky rodents in your attic. The only long-term solution to keeping squirrels out of your house or attic is squirrel exclusion or squirrel-proof your home. If squirrels were removed from the home without exclusion, new squirrels and possibly other rodents such as rats and mice could enter and cause problems in the future. We also offer squirrel damage repair and squirrel droppings cleanup. Squirrels are nuisance wildlife, not pests, and must be removed using non-toxic methods such as trapping and exclusion.

Squirrel exclusion is a job that should be left to the experts. Our team has all of the necessary experience and training to ensure that the job is completed following Michigan and federal regulations. We also offer Holland Michigan Squirrel Damage Repair Services.

Thousands of squirrels have been humanely removed and excluded by our team in Blendon, MI. Squirrel control, while simple in nature, can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous task requiring the use of specialty equipment. Extensive training, specialized equipment, and strict adherence to safety and health precautions are all required. Rest assured that Best Way has the knowledge and technology necessary to handle any type of squirrel problem, regardless of the infestation size or removal difficulty.

Blendon Wildlife Control for Squirrels

Squirrel Removal Process

Find local experts for Blendon wildlife control using exclusion trap traps. You can find local wildlife help from attic bat exclusion to Blendon wildlife removal companies, one you find your top pick call for pricing. Costs for control animal trapping can vary depending on the situation. Hearing noise in the attic . Scratcing sounds from animals Blendon pest control.

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Squirrel Prevention in Blendon MI. Attic squirrel infestations are just one of the many nuisance animal problems that residents of Blendon, Michigan have to deal with. Squirrels, on the other hand, Blendon animal trapping for very destructive pests that really should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage Blendon raccoon squirrel. That’s where we can help with attic exclusion trapping​! Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding Blendon squirrel removal.

Squirrels will chew through almost anything to gain access to a home, even metal flashing and, of course, wood. Open holes where squirrels have gained way to a home are actually visible from the outside. Our team can patch these areas up or restore them.

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“Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Me for Blendon animal control”?

Insurance claims are occasionally filed if the damages are bad enough to justify filing one squirrel removal trapping. But, in most cases with pest animal removal, it isn’t that bad. Only the most extreme cases require the involvement of insurance. Furthermore, even in the most extreme cases, the willingness of your insurance to cover the damage is solely dependent on the policy that the homeowner has with the house insurance company. We have no control as to whether or not your insurer will cover you. Even the best policies, however pest removal services​, will usually only cover attic damage. This is fortunate for you because the attic is usually the most severely damaged area in a squirrel infestation. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Wildlife Removal Experts

nuisance squirrel damages to attic To complete the local wildlife removal job quickly, our team employs the most advanced technology. To catch squirrels on the way out, we set up one-way squirrel funnels into traps that can be installed over the entry point. In the pest control industry, pest animal trapping are by far the most efficient squirrel traps. We remove the traps after a few days without any activity so that we can repair the entry point after Blendon pest animal.

Squirrel Removal Trapping

Nuisance Attic Squirrels – Attic Insulation Restoration in Blendon​, MI. Squirrels frequently seek shelter in attic insulation, causing damage as a result of the buildup of squirrel droppings sitting on the insulation and urine accumulation on the drywall. In attics contaminated with animal waste, Platinum Wildlife also provides attic clean outs and insulation replacement. In more serious cases, contact your insurance company to see if squirrel damage to your attic is covered (potentially). For more information, see the paragraph about insurance coverage, or give us a call right now!

Squirrels in the Attic: How to Get Them Out. Squirrels are removed from attic spaces using exclusion trapping. This traps the squirrel when it comes into or leaves the home. This is a great way to trap a live squirrel that has taken up home in your attic. Blocking a squirrel’s entrance is often ineffective, as squirrels are extremely intelligent, especially when it comes to their home environment. Live exclusion trapping has proven to be the most effective method for removing squirrels for Creature Control technicians.

Professional Wildlife Removal

Humane Squirrel Trapping
Creature Control technicians will first determine the squirrels’ point of entry and exit from your home before pest control services. Once this has been determined, the technicians will design an exclusion trap to be installed at the point of entry. Squirrels can be caught in the trap whether they are entering or exiting the space. Our traps are made for live squirrel trapping and are designed to keep the critter safe. More information on exclusion trapping can be found on our blog. Because this service necessitates the use of a custom-built trap, there is frequently a surcharge.

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Squirrels are not difficult to detect when it comes to getting into your attic or home’s walls. It will be hard to overlook the sounds and signs that you are now sharing your home with a squirrel. In the early morning and late evening hours, there will be minor noises. It’s time to call the experts if you hear soft chirping, running across the attic that can be heard through the ceiling, or even squirrels fighting and wrestling in the attic. If squirrels are allowed to live in your attic, they can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. Their poop can contain hanta virus, which causes respiratory issues, and chewed wiring is a fire hazard waiting to happen. As soon as you notice squirrel activity, for Blendon nuisance wildlife you must call a professional squirrel trapping service to get rid of them and seal off all entry points.

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