Spring Lake Township

Spring Lake Township is a civil township in Ottawa County, Michigan, United States. According to the 2010 census, the population was 14,300. The township encompasses the village of Spring Lake. Ferrysburg is located south of the township, on Lake Michigan, the Grand River, and Spring Lake. Grand Haven and Grand Haven Charter Township are located on the Grand River’s south bank. To the east is Crockery Township, and to the north is Muskegon County. Spring Lake is a lake located within the Township of Spring Lake. Before draining into the Grand River’s final stretches, this lake is about 4 miles long and 200 feet wide, not including its various bayous.

History Of Spring Lake Michigan

Native Americans were the primary residents of the Spring Lake area in the early nineteenth century. From the lakeshore, a missionary or trader might have ventured in, but this was a peaceful wilderness for the most part. All of that began to change in 1835. Native Americans gradually relinquished their land through a series of treaties, and in 1835, they sold the land north of the Grand River in Kent and Ottawa Counties. The first settlers arrived. Benjamin Hopkins, Jabez Barber, and Richard Mason were among the first settlers in Spring Lake, having fled Canada during MacKenzie’s rebellion in 1837. In June 1841, John H. Newcomb arrived from Muskegon, where he helped construct a sawmill. For Jabez Barber and Richard Mason, he built the first frame house in Mill Point and Barber’s Mill. In 1845, Benjamin Hopkins built a sawmill on Spring Lake.

Services Offered

In Spring Lake, Michigan, animal removal services are offered for residents in need of assistance. Nuisance wildlife trapping is the process of humane wild animal removal from Spring Lake homes. Due to the potential damage caused by Michigan wildlife, wild animal control experts provide animal removal, wild animal damage repair, attic restoration, and feces cleanup services. Wildlife control in Michigan can only be done by licensed professionals. Some of the services offered are:

Spring Lake, MI Demographics

  • Population: 15,100
  • People Under The Age Of 18: 24.1%
  • People Over The Age Of 65: 21%
  • Average Home Value: $219,800
  • People Per Household: 2.44
  • Average Work Commute Time: 22.1 min

Information obtained via the US Census.

Spring Lake’s Media Outlets

The Grand Haven Tribune provides daily papers for residents of Spring Lake, Michigan.

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