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Best Way Animal Removal provides Rockford, Michigan humane raccoon control, and is here to help residents with all types of wildlife removal needs. Skunks infestations are delicate situations and should be handled by experienced animal removal technicians.

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Skunk Removal In Rockford, Michigan

Many Rockford residents will smell a skunk in late winter or early spring because the animals are traveling to find a mate. This is skunk mating season, so males are on the move looking for females to mate with. Skunks will occasionally spray under your deck or porch, stinking up the entire house.

We strongly advise Michigan homeowners not to use skunk repellants such as mothballs because they are ineffective. Ultrasonic pest control devices and any other type of electronic wildlife control will not work on skunks.

If you need Rockford skunk control, contact the Best Way Animal Removal professionals. We are equipped with the necessary equipment and experience to solve any skunk problem you may have permanently. Depending on the situation, we offer various skunk trapping techniques specific to the Rockford, Michigan area.

Signs Of Skunks Near Your Property

  • Skunks Sightings During The Day: The presence of a skunk is a clear indicator of a problem. If you see a skunk during the day, they may have rabies, which should be investigated immediately.
  • Strong Odors: Skunks are well-known for their offensive odor. This is a sure sign that they are nearby, but it is not always a cause for alarm. Skunk spray can travel and spread a long distance from its source. Consider taking preventative measures if you smell skunk spray more than once in a short period of time.
  • Holes In The Lawn: Skunks dig small three to four-inch half-moon-shaped depressions in the ground to look for food in yards. They will damage lawn sod in the same way that raccoons do.
  • Tracks & Droppings: Skunks have very distinct paw prints compared to other animals of similar size, making identification easier. Skunk droppings resemble cat droppings in appearance and size. On the other hand, Skunk droppings contain unprocessed foods such as seeds, feathers, berries, and insects.

Dangers Of Having Skunks Around Your Home

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Rabies is one of the most common health risks associated with skunks. Although not all skunks show symptoms of rabies, this does not rule out the possibility that they are infected. Rabies can be passed from skunks to pets or humans via bites or ingestion of skunk droppings.

Leptospirosis, Q-fever, tularemia, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, and listeriosis are among the diseases that skunks can carry and transmit. Skunks can carry all of these diseases without displaying any noticeable symptoms.

Skunks and other wildlife may carry ticks, fleas, lice, roundworm, tapeworm, and other parasites. These diseases can affect humans and pets, so it’s important to be aware of them and check for them if a large skunk infestation is discovered.

Skunk Spraying

Skunk spray not only has a foul odor, but it can also cause nausea, vomiting, and in rare cases, severe anemia if swallowed, as well as acting as tear gas if it gets into the eyes.

If you or a pet is sprayed in the eyes or mouth, seek medical attention right away. This is especially important if the spray gets into the eyes, as it can damage the cornea’s delicate surface and cause temporary blindness.

Structural Damage

A lot of the damage caused by skunks occurs during nest construction. Their sharp claws can dig or tear through a variety of materials, including metal screens and vents.

Skunks can cause significant damage to your home by digging in or around den sites, scratching and chewing from within the den site, and of course, skunk-caused debris.

Contamination from feces and odors can also cause a slew of issues. The stench of a scared skunk is unpleasant, and if they are allowed to breed within a space, the stench will worsen.

The Skunk Removal Process


Skunk Den Under Building

Our skunk control technicians will thoroughly inspect your Rockford property for common signs of a skunk infestation after consulting with the homeowner. We look under decks and porches to see if any animals have taken up residence. Our team will search your yard and garden for signs of foraging. We’ll also look for possible entry points for skunks to get into and out of your house. We’ll figure out what kind of skunk is infesting your property and what types of attractants are nearby.

Skunk Trapping & Exclusion

  1. If skunks become trapped in or under your home, they will be captured using humane live traps and removed.
  2. If any baby skunks are discovered, they will be placed in a special baby-warming box. All major entry points will be sealed and repaired as necessary.
  3. One-way exclusion devices will be installed at major entry points if necessary.
  4. Sheds and the foundation of your home will be secured if necessary to prevent future intrusions.
  5. After the skunk or opossum has left your home, the exclusion devices will be removed a few days later.

Clean-Up & Damage Repair

Best Way Animal Removal understands that removing the animal or infestation from your home or business may not be the end of your wild animal problem. Skunk and other nuisance animal species can do a lot of damage to your home, sometimes to the point where major construction repairs are required. Our team is trained specially for Rockford, Michigan wildlife damage repair. Once the skunks are removed from the home, our wildlife technicians will perform a final inspection that identifies skunk damage requiring repair or areas that need to be sanitized (dropping removal).

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