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Saugatuck is a city in Allegan County of Michigan, United States. At the time of the 2010 census, the population was 925. The city is part of Saugatuck Township, but it has its administrative structure.
Originally a port and lumber town, Saugatuck, along with Douglas’s nearby city, became a well-known art colony and tourist destination during the late-nineteenth-century Arts and Crafts movement. Saugatuck was home to the famous Big Pavilion, a large dance hall that drew bands and visitors from all over the Midwest in the early twentieth century. From the time it was built in 1909 until it burned down on May 6, 1960, the structure was a popular tourist attraction on Lake Michigan.
Tourists are drawn to the art galleries, harbor, marinas, scenery, unusual stores, the view from atop Mount Baldhead, and tourist attractions, as well as the world-famous Oval Beach on Lake Michigan. Saugatuck Dunes State Park, Allegan State Game Area, and the city of Holland are close by.

History Of Saugatuck Michigan

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The bounty and inspiration of the landscape have shaped the history of Saugatuck and Douglas. For many years, forests and farmlands supported economies until entrepreneurial creativity and economic prosperity allowed recreation time.
Saugatuck and Douglas, which are located on the Kalamazoo River banks at a point where the river widens briefly into Lake Kalamazoo, have long relied on the river for transportation, sustenance, and recreation.
The Ottawa and Pottawatomi were the first Indians to live here, and little is known about them beyond their tribal names. Saugatuck is thought to have originated in India.
What are the current circumstances? Saugatuck and Douglas started out as a collection of small settlements along the river. Dingleville, Mack’s Landing, Newark, Wallinville, Dudleyville, and Plummer’s Mill are all names that have faded from memory.
To the north, one of the community’s enduring legends is Singapore’s settlement, which was founded to harvest and process the forests needed to rebuild Chicago after the Great Fire. It is thought that the dunes on which it was built destabilized after the trees that supported it were cut down for lumber. The settlement was abandoned due to an economic downturn. A number of Singapore’s buildings were repositioned in what is now Saugatuck after being ferried down the frozen river on sleds. The real mystery surrounding Singapore is why it was given that name.
However, the lumber industry remained a significant contributor to the local economy. Baskets made for the burgeoning agricultural sector were filled and transported to urban markets across the “Big Lake” on boats also made here.

Attractions & Entertainment In Saugatuck

The Butler (named after the town’s founder, William Butler), Marro’s Italian Restaurant, The Southerner, Phil’s, Walley’s, Wicks Inn, Bowdies Chophouse, Coral Gables, Guardian Brewing Company, and the Mermaid Bar & Grill are among the many art galleries (over a dozen), small, independent shops, and restaurants in Saugatuck.

Daily tours of the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan are offered by the Star of Saugatuck, a large paddle-wheel boat. The Saugatuck Chain Ferry, a hand-cranked vessel, departs from Wick’s Park and transports tourists from the town side of the river to the opposite shore for a stroll along the beach, a visit to the historical museum, or a climb up Mt. Baldhead’s stairwell. The Saugatuck Center for the Arts hosts various events throughout the year, including equity theater, music concerts, art exhibits, educational events, a green market, and event rentals.

The nearby town of Douglas, Saugatuck’s sister city, is another attraction. Historic churches in Saugatuck contribute to a vibrant community while preserving some of the town’s oldest structures. First Congregational Church, which was founded in 1860, is the oldest of these churches. The SS Keewatin, a coal-fired steamship formerly of the Canadian Pacific Railway, was based in Douglas. Until it was recently purchased and returned to Canada, the 105-year-old ship served as a floating museum and a fixture in the harbor.

Saugatuck, MI Demographics

  • Population: 1,000
  • Average Home Value: $360,800
  • Average Age: 51.1
  • Average Household Income: $78,500

Saugatuck’s Media Outlets

The Saugatuck Commercial Record is a weekly newspaper that covers local news, sports, business, and community events in Saugatuck, Michigan, United States.
The Commercial Record was founded in 1869 and serves the towns of Saugatuck and Douglas. Kaechele Publications, Inc. is the owner of this publication.

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