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Sand Lake is a village located in Nelson Township, Kent County, Michigan. The town had a population of 538 people. The village covers 0.74 square miles in total, with 0.71 square miles of land and 0.03 square miles of water.

History Of Sand Lake Michigan

In 1851, William H. Bailey became the first settler in the Sand Lake area. He made his home in Section 8, just south of the village of Sand Lake. He and other early settlers were clearing land for farming, and while some of the White Pine they cleared was used to build their farms, the rest was burned because there was no market for it.
Cedar Springs experienced tremendous growth after the railroad was reopened in 1867, with sawmills sprouting up all over the surrounding area. Pangborn’s Corners, a sawmill settlement north of Cedar Springs, was built along the “State Road” between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids. Elisha Pangborn built a mill, and William Stuart and Jerome Dickerson ran stores in the area. There was also a tavern nearby. Stuart and Dickerson abandoned their stores and relocated to Section 5, which would become Sand Lake, when it became clear that the railroad would run about two miles to the east.
By 1877, the town had 700 people, with eight to ten sawmills, numerous stores, small businesses, and at least two hotels and saloons. In 1878, the village was incorporated. By 1897, the timber boom had moved far north, and the town had evolved into a farming community with two creameries and agricultural implement dealers.
With a population of 600 people, the town supported four churches and a school. After ten years, the population had dropped to 450 people, and the town had settled into its new role. With a population of 500 people, Sand Lake has evolved into a northern bedroom community for the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

Sand Lake, MI Demographics

  • Population: 538
  • Male 46.8%, Female 53.2%
  • Median Age: 36.3
  • Median Home Value: $112,292
  • Median Household Income: $41,736

Public Education In Sand Lake

Sand Lake is served by Tri-County Area Schools, which operates Tri-County High School. The Sand Lake and Howard City school boards merged to form the district. It was founded on April 3, 1962, when the residents of those communities voted to consolidate their schools. The consolidated schools opened in the fall of 1962.

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