Northview, Michigan

Northview Michigan

Northview, MI

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With a population of 15,394, Northview is a Grand Rapids suburb. Northview is located in Kent County and is considered one of Michigan’s best places to live. Residents of Northview enjoy a sparse suburban feel, with the majority of residents owning their homes. There are numerous restaurants and parks in Northview.

Arts & Entertainment In Northview

Northview has a diverse library system. Whatever your passions are, you’ll find a wide range of genres to choose from, including Christian, History, and Sports. At Miller Library, take a few moments to broaden your horizons. Northview has an unusually diverse collection of historical sites to explore for local history buffs. Other nearby attractions include Richardson Silk Mill, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Muskegon R, and Glendale River Archaeological Site.
The Lowell Fairgrounds are easy to find and always have a variety of enjoyable activities. Even when the fair is not in town, there are always plenty of exciting activities to partake in. The local fairgrounds near Northview are great for finding kid-friendly entertainment options, from rides and attractions to agricultural events and rodeos.

Northview, MI Demographics

  • Population: 15,394
  • Average Age: 40.6
  • Male 47%, Female 53%
  • Persons Per Household: 2.4
  • Median Home Value: $167,700
  • Median Household Income: $60,829
  • Average Work Commute: 23 min

Public Education In Northview

Northview Public Schools serves as the “glue” that holds the community together because it covers an area without a central town or city. It serves as a focal point for residents and provides a shared interest. The desire to work together to prepare students to be caring, respectful, considerate, and successful individuals is what the Northview School District prides itself on.
Schools included in Northview’s district includes:

  • North Oakview
  • Northview High School
  • West Oakview
  • Highlands Middle School
  • East Oakview
  • Crossroads Middle School

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