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The City Of Montague

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Montague is a city of Muskegon County, Michigan. The city has a total population of 2,407 people, and the town is technically part of Montague Township, but it has its own political identity.
Montague Township, White River Township, and portions of Whitehall Township, Blue Lake Township in Muskegon County, Grant Township, and Claybanks Township in Oceana County are all served by the Montague ZIP code 49437.
The city was founded by Noah Ferry, who named it after his father, William Montague Ferry. In neighboring Ottawa County, William Ferry founded the cities of Grand Haven and Ferrysburg. Noah Ferry died fighting for the Union at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and is honored at Ferry Church, built in 1874.

History Of Montague Michigan

Photo of Montague MI in the 1960s

Reverend William Montague Ferry, Anders Knudsen, and Even Knudsen laid out Montague in 1867. Montague’s streets were named in honor of several Civil War heroes and in memory of his son Noah during the original Village’s platting process. Noah Ferry, Reverend Ferry’s son, mustered a group of young men and enlisted in the Army to fight in the Civil War in 1862.

At the Battle of Gettysburg, Noah, who had been promoted to Major, was killed. The Village’s first post office opened in 1867, and by 1870, it was thriving as a lumbering and manufacturing center. After the great fire of 1871, lumber cut in White Lake mills aided in Chicago’s reconstruction. In a single 12-hour day, some mills can cut up to 50,000 board feet.

Montague became a Fifth Class City in 1935, and it has handled the change with grace and a forward-thinking determination to maintain its unique character as a friendly, small community.

Attractions In Montague

Montague, a town in western Michigan that shares White Lake and Lake Michigan’s shores with Whitehall Township, has a variety of outdoor tourist attractions, including numerous lakeside beaches and parks. Montague has a long history dating back to 1812, and it houses a variety of cultural artifacts and oddities. A mile away, in Whitehall, visitors can find a plethora of additional attractions.

Maple Grove Park, sunbather-friendly Medbury Park, and the municipal boat launch on Ramp Road are all great places to go for lakeside activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and water sports. Meinert Park has a total of 67 campsites with views of Lake Michigan and Little Flower Creek. Montague Township Park, located inland, is a peaceful setting for baseball games, picnics, and family activities. Montague’s Old Channel Trail Golf Course, a 27-hole public course with a driving range and golf shop, welcomes golfers.

Montague, MI Demographics

  • Population: 2,493
  • Average Age: 39.6 years old
  • Average Home Value: $109,900
  • Average Household Income: $56,447
  • Male 44.6%, Female 55.4%

Public Education In Montague

Montague Area Public Schools is one of the Muskegon Intermediate School District’s 12 local districts in Muskegon County, Michigan. A portion of Oceana County is also included in the district. R. R. Oehrli Elementary, the Montague Area Childhood Center, Nellie B. Chisholm Middle School, and Montague High School are all located in residential areas of Montague.

On the other hand, this school district encompasses a large area to the north that is densely packed with warm, welcoming communities. MAPS serves children from Montague, Rothbury Village, Montague Township, White River Township, and Grant, Otto, and Claybanks Townships. The service covers a total area of over 120 square miles.

Montague’s Government Structure

A City Manager/Council system runs Montague’s government. The citizens elect the City Council and the mayor. The City Council appoints the City Manager, and the City Manager hires all employees. The mayor appoints various committees, such as the Planning Commission and the Downtown Development Authority, with approval from the City Council and liaisons from the council on each body.

The Montague City Manager is in charge of general management and day-to-day operations. Full-time public works employees maintain the City’s public infrastructure, which includes the parks system. On an as-needed or assigned basis, other City staff members are involved in various aspects of the City’s programming. The Recreation Committee, which also serves as the City Planning Commission, advises the City Council on a wide range of planning and recreation issues. They are the ones who are in charge of putting the plan together.

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