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Here at Best Way Animal Removal, we offer top quality mole control services in East Grand Rapids Michigan for residential and commercial properties where moles can create costly damage. We provide professional trapping services using the latest methods and techniques adapted to all situations. Our technicians do not use a “pest control” company approach but rather understand mole activity and provide an effective solution based on your individual needs. We also understand that every situation needs to be handled quickly, safely, and effectively.

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Nuisance Mole Trapping In East Grand Rapids, MI

Moles and voles are two animals that often wreak havoc in yards. Moles are responsible for the raised ridges you see throughout your yard. They can swim like a fish through the dirt, searching for earthworms, grubs, and other food. Tunnels from a single mole can cover your entire yard. The raised ridges you see are called ‘surface tunnels’ and will collapse if stepped on them, posing a tripping threat.

Best Way Animal Removal of East Grand Rapids utilizes only the most effective methods for eradicating mole infestations. We’ll assist you in identifying the mole problem and implement the best mole trapping solution for your property. Our East Grand Rapids wildlife removal technicians will set up the mole traps for you and can demonstrate how the traps work and will capture the moles. Traps are set strategically based on infestation information obtained from a thorough inspection.

Signs Of A Mole Infestation

  • Dead Grass: Areas of discolored grass that follow a specific path.
  • Mole Hills: Small piles of dirt, sitting atop the lawn.
  • Plant Damage: As the moles dig, dirt is displaced around bulbs and plant roots, causing plant damage. The plant dies as a result of the exposed roots drying out.
  • Mole Tunnels: These appear as a raised area in your lawn along the run. These runs aren’t always in a straight line; instead, they twist around the lawn, where the moles go searching for food.
  • Loose Soil: Areas of your lawn that feel “squishy” or as if the soil is very loose.


Once contacted, Best Way Animal Removal will dispatch a wildlife removal technician to your home to diagnose the mole problem before a program is started. An experienced East Grand Rapids mole trapper will identify where the moles are, how many are present, and the extent of the mole damage. They will then construct a mole control plan that will guarantee the quickest mole removal process.

picture of mole digging in East Grand Rapids, Michigan


Mole trapping is the most effective method to eradicate moles from your lawn, typically standard pest control services wont offer anything other than quarterly programs that won’t help with moles. Traps are set over the mole feed trails or mole tunnels, in a depressed area of the surface. When a mole moves through the tunnel, it pushes up against the depressed tunnel roof, triggering the trap’s trigger pan. These traps are ideal for moles because they are triggered by the mole’s natural instinct to reopen blocked passageways. As published by Michigan State University, experienced trapping is the only effective means of getting rid of moles, many other internet remedies you will find are not pet safe and relatively ineffective.

Clean-Up & Damage Repair

After all the moles have been eradicated, the Best Way Wildlife Removal technician will remove the moles from the lawn and begin to identify areas that have been severely damaged. Depending on the type of damage, the wildlife control professional will provide you with repair options. Finally, the repairs can be completed, and your East Grand Rapids lawn will be mole-free!

If you are in need of more than just a pest control company for both commercial or residential properties, that is highly experienced in an array of treatments for moles call us today. Our satisfied customers have left substantial feedback for you to see the quality of our services.

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