Martin, Michigan

Martin Michigan

The Village Of Martin

Martin is a small village located in Allegan County, Michigan. The population of Martin, MI is 448 people and covers 0.9 square miles of land.

History Of Martin Michigan

A Year Before Michigan Became a State; the village of Martin Was First Settled. Mumford Eldred, his second wife, Jane, and their five children, purchased 40 acres in section 29 of Martin Township on January 8, 1836. A 30-acre clearing on the northern edge of the land was home to Potawatomi and Ottawa Indians’ small band. Eldred bought 40 more adjoining acres four weeks later, and near where the library now stands, he built an 18×18 foot log cabin with a shingled roof and one six-light window.

Samuel Eldred, the first white child born in Martin Township, was born on December 10, 1836. His friends when he was younger were mainly Indian children from the neighborhood.

Jane Eldred, Mumford Eldred’s wife, was chosen to name the community. Albion, which was already taken, was her choice. Martin was suggested as a complement to President of the United States, Martin Van Buren, and the pioneers agreed.

Shepherd, Shelman, Redpath, McVean, Patterson, Wheeler, and Wylie were among the Scottish settlers who arrived in Martin between 1837 and 1850. Martin Township had 329 residents according to the 1950 census.

Arts & Entertainment In Martin

Rural nature is not far from Martin, Michigan. It is a stunningly beautiful and historically significant area. Martin residents are minutes away from the  Allegan County Heritage Trail, a 122-mile driving tour that includes twenty-eight historical sites. 

Martin, MI Demographics

  • Population: 448
  • Average Resident Age: 37.7
  • Male 55.2%, Female 44.8%
  • Median Home Value: $113,400
  • Median Household Income: $46,406
  • Average Work Commute: 21.4 min

Public Education In Martin Michigan

The martin public school district provides educational institutions for Martin residents. Two schools in the village include:

  • Martin Middle & High School
  • Brandon Elementry School

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