The Community Of Jenison, MI

Jenison, Michigan, is an unincorporated community in Ottawa County. It is a census-designated place for statistical purposes, but it does not have a municipality’s legal status. Georgetown Charter Township is in charge of the neighborhood. According to the 2000 census, the CDP had a population of 17,211 people. The current population estimate for Jenison ZIP code 49428 is 25,770 people.

History Of Jenison Michigan

Throughout its history, Georgetown Township has seen many changes. It has been a lumber town, a river landing, a peaceful farming community, and, most recently, a rapidly growing suburban community. Even today, remnants of the past can be found. Jenison and Georgetown Township both have names that harken back to the lumbering era. In 1836, the Jenison family arrived and began felling white pine and hardwood trees. The Jenisons owned 1600 acres along Rush Creek south of the Grand River by 1838. In 1837, George Ketchum built sawmills along Rush Creek. “George’s Town” was the name given to the area. It was simple to harvest, saw, and float trees downriver to Grand Haven with the Grand River on its northern border. Others who lumbered this area include Stephen Lowing, John Haire, and the Blendon Lumber Company. While the majority of the trees have died, there are still remnants of this era. At Hager Hardwood Park in Ottawa County, there is a lumber museum. The only remnant of Haire’s landing is the Haire cemetery on Fillmore. Blendon Landing is marked by a few pilings in the Grand River. Blendon, a company town with a sawmill, hotel, saloon, and homes, was located just south of Grand Valley State University. Jenison was one of many river landings in Georgetown Township. Between Grand Rapids and Grand Haven, the Grand River was a busy river highway. From 1836 to 1910, riverboats transported lumber, freight, and passengers along the river. Today, Bill Boynton’s Grand Lady, a 40-foot paddle wheeler, can help recreate the area’s atmosphere.

Services Offered

In Jenison, Michigan, animal removal services are offered for residents in need of assistance. Nuisance wildlife trapping is the process of humane wild animal removal from Jenison homes. Due to the potential damage caused by Michigan wildlife, wild animal control experts provide animal removal, wild animal damage repair, attic restoration, and feces cleanup services. Wildlife control in Michigan can only be done by licensed professionals. Some of the services offered are:

Jenison, MI Demographics

  • Population: 17,431
  • Average Age: 39.5
  • Average Home Value:¬†$171,100
  • Persons Per Household: 2.6
  • ¬†Average Work Commute:¬†22.1 min

Education In Jenison

Public (Jenison Public Schools) and private education institutions in Jenison, MI:

  • ECC, Early Childhood Center – Michigan State University Partnership(former Maplewood Elementary School)
  • Jenison International Academy – Online School
  • Jenison Junior High School
  • Bauerwood Elementary School
  • Rosewood Elementary School
  • Jenison Christian School
  • Sandy Hill Elementary School
  • Bursley Elementary School
  • Jenison High School
  • Pinewood Elementary School

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