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The Village Of Fruitport, MI

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Fruitport is a smaller village in Muskegon County, Michigan. The village has a total population of 1,124 people, and Fruitport Charter Township encompasses the town neighborhood. Fruitport Charter Township is in charge of water and sewer services.
Edward L. Craw, who platted and named it Crawville, founded Fruitport in 1868. The Pere Marquette Railroad company built a station there a year later, and the town was renamed Fruitport because it was in the middle of a fertile fruit-growing area and a port. In 1891, it was incorporated as a village.

History Of Fruitport Michigan

This is the county’s largest township, measuring 9×6 miles and encompassing fifty-four square miles of land, much of which is still undeveloped. It will continue to be a fantastic fruit district. Its great value as a fruit region has been demonstrated by the attempts that have been made. It is a subdivision of the old town of Norton, from which it broke away in 1867.
It has one lovely village at the head of Spring Lake, Fruitport, which is unrivaled for scenery and will once again become a popular summer destination. Black Creek, which runs through the northwest corner, and Norris Creek and Little Deer Creek, which run through the center, provide ample water. Fruitport was part of Norton Township until 1867, when it was separated and given the name Lovell by the legislature’s act.

Fruitport, MI Demographics

  • Population: 1,149
  • Average Age: 40.9 years old
  • Persons Per Household: 2.69
  • Average Home Value: $156,230
  • Average Household Income: $52,965
  • Average Work Commute: 19.8 min

Education In Fruitport

Fruitport Charter Township is served by the Fruitport Community Schools district, which also includes the village. The village is served by Fruitport High School, Fruitport Middle School, and Edgewood Elementary School. The private Calvary Christian School is also close to the town.

Athletics In Fruitport, Michigan

Fruitport is well known for its athletic programs, particularly for its volleyball and wrestling successes. Since 2001, the volleyball program has been a state finalist eight times, winning three state championships. In football, the team finished second in the state in 2001.

Mike Teeter, a defensive end for the University of Michigan and the Minnesota Vikings and Houston Oilers, was also a football program product. The wrestling team has won two of the last three district championships and has a long history of state qualifiers, including sending six wrestlers to the state championships in 2014.

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