Cedar Springs, Michigan

Cedar Springs Michigan

Cedar Springs, MI

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Cedar Springs is located 20 minutes north of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second-largest city. Cedar Springs, located in northern Kent County, is about 2.1 square miles in size and has a population of 3,651. The springs are bordered by a grove of Cedar trees, which inspired the community’s name. Cedar Springs is less than a mile from US 131 and offers easy access to the Grand Rapids area’s cultural attractions. Cedar Springs is a lovely neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a diverse housing stock.

History Of Cedar Springs Michigan

In March of 1871, the Michigan Legislature incorporated Cedar Springs as a village. It was a significant center for timber at the time. As a result of the logging activity, Cedar Springs saw the birth of a unique business. For loggers whose jobs required them to be outside during the harsh winters, red flannel underwear was created. That business has survived the end of the lumber industry era and is still a viable part of the community today.
In October of 1959, the Village was incorporated as the City of Cedar Springs. The need to develop a water distribution system and sanitary sewers separate from Solon and Nelson Townships, whose common borders ran through the middle of the Village and both Townships received tax revenue from property owners within the Village, prompted the change.

Cedar Springs, MI Demographics

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  • Population: 3,651
  • Average Age: 32.3
  • Persons Per Household: 2.6
  • Male 46%, Female 54%
  • Median Home Value: $109,600
  • Median Household Income: $46,413
  • Average Work Commute: 29.6 min

Public Education In Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs Public Schools are located in Northeastern Kent County, about 20 miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and one mile east of the US 131 Expressway. The district encompasses the city of Cedar Springs and portions of seven townships: Algoma, Courtland, Ensley, Nelson, Oakfield, Solon, and Spencer. It is approximately 110 square miles in size.
With the Middle School exception, which is located one mile south of the main campus, all of the school facilities are located within the city limits, and the majority are on a campus setting. The location is safe, beautiful, and convenient for families with multiple children participating in activities.
Educational institutions provided by the Cedar Spring School District include:

  • Red Hawk Elementary School
  • Beach Elementary School
  • Cedar Springs High School
  • Cedar Springs Middle School
  • Cedar Trails Elementary School
  • New Beginnings Alternative High School
  • Cedar View Elementary School

Cedar Springs Government

Electors elect seven Council Members “at large,” which means they represent the entire city rather than a specific district. “Through the departments and agencies of the City government, the Council shall provide for the public peace and health and for the safety of persons and property” according to Chapter IV of the City Charter.

One of the Cedar Springs City Council members is elected Mayor, and another is elected Mayor Pro-tem.

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