Casnovia, Michigan

Casnovia Michigan

The Village Of Casnovia, MI

Casnovia is a village in the state of Michigan in the United States. It is located on the border of Muskegon and Kent counties and is partially within each. This village has a population of 321 people and is part of the Casnovia Township in Michigan.
Casnovia is thought to be the only place on Earth that bears that name now or in the past. The name is a misspelling of the settlement’s original name, Casanova Town, which was established in 1852 by Jedediah Craw. The village covers an area of 1.1 square miles, all of which is land.

History Of Casnovia Michigan

Lot Fulkerson founded Casnovia in 1850, and it received a post office in 1851. It was laid out in 1862 and became a village in 1875. The village’s name is derived from the Latin words case, which means “home,” and nova, which means “new.”

Casnovia, MI Demographics

  • Population: 321
  • Male 51.7%, Female 48.3%
  • Average Age: 36.6 
  • Persons Per Household: 2.7
  • Median Home Value: $138,995
  • Median Household Income: $53,234
  • Average Work Commute: 30.4 min

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