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Caledonia Michigan

The Village Of Caledonia, MI

Photograph of Green Lake near Caledonia

Caledonia is a Michigan village located in Kent County. The village has a population of 1,102 people, according to the 2000 census. Caledonia Township encompasses the entire village. The village covers an area of 1.4 square miles, with 1.4 square miles of land and 0.04 square miles of water.

History Of Caledonia Michigan

Caledonia was established in the mid-nineteenth century when white settlers arrived in Kent County’s township number five. Because they lived on Whitneyville Avenue, which was the main route between Grand Rapids and cities like Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, Ashael Kent and his family converted their home into an inn.
Oscar B. Barber was a farmer who worked as the postmaster at the tavern’s post office later in the 1850s. He built the Barber School across his farm, which had only one room but was the area’s first school. The tavern was sold to Warren Streeter in 1860, but it didn’t last long because, in 1867, John Proctor moved to the township and bought all 150 acres, including the tavern and post office. After many years of operation, John Proctor demolished the tavern in 1869 to make room for more farms on his property.
David Kinsey, a local landowner, laid out part of his farm for a village around the Michigan Central Line’s Caledonia Station in August 1870. When it was established on January 21, 1888, it was officially named Caledonia Village. Even though it wasn’t in the same area as where the Kent family arrived, it is still considered the town’s east side.
With time, businesses and schools began to emerge, and Caledonia’s township and the village saw an influx of new residents. Caledonia village’s rural landscape has adapted to the country’s shift from agricultural to industrial employment.

Caledonia, MI Demographics

  • Population: 1,636
  • Average Age: 35.9
  • Average Home Value: $242,450
  • Average Household Income: $82,153
  •  50.5% Female, 49.5% Male

Public Education In Caledonia

Caledonia Community Schools is responsible for nine public schools in Caledonia and the surrounding area. Caledonia High School, which opened in 2004, has a student body of 1,250. Glenmor High School, an alternative school, built-in 2006, is located across the street.

Kraft Meadows Middle School and Duncan Lake Middle School are the two middle schools in the area. Both buildings were built in 2004, but the buildings have been around for a long time. The original Caledonia Middle School was KMMS, and the Caledonia High School was DLMS.

Caledonia’s Government Structure

Caledonia’s legislative body is the Charter Township of Caledonia Board of Trustees. It comprises seven members who are elected every four years by the Township’s voting residents. The Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and four Trustees are the officers of the Board. The Board sets millage rates for the Township’s operations, approves spending, adopts budgets, resolutions, ordinances, and votes on other matters that come before the Board and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Township. The Township Board also approves the Township’s zoning and master plan.

Athletics In Caledonia, Michigan

The Fighting Scots are the athletic teams of Caledonia. Purple and white are the team’s colors. Before 1970, they were known as the Scotties, and their mascot was a small dog. The name was changed to the Fighting Scots in the early 1970s, and the new mascot selected was a fighting Scottish swordsman. 

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