Beechwood, MI

Beech is an unincorporated community in Michigan’s Ottawa County. For statistical purposes, it is a census-designated place, but it is not registered with the municipality. There are 2.963 people in the town. The CRC is a part of the Holland Metropolitan Area. It is mostly in Holland township on Lake Macatawa’s north shore, with a small portion in the township Park.

History Of Beechwood Michigan

In 1882, the town of Beechwood, Michigan, was founded in Iron River Township, Iron County, Michigan. In 1887, the Chicago-Northwestern railroad brought early Swedish and Finnish settlers to the area. In 1898, it established a depot at Beechwood, where many of the residents worked on the rail-construction lines as it continued west toward Ironwood, MI. Highway US 2 used to run right through the center of town. In the mid-1930s, US 2 was rerouted to “pass-through” several of the area’s smaller communities, including Watersmeet, Elmwood, and Beechwood. The Cloverland Trail was a 100-mile stretch of “Old US 2” that ran from Iron Mountain, MI to Ironwood, MI. For many years, this road and the railroad were the primary modes of transportation to and through Beechwood, MI. The Cloverland Trail can still be found in its entirety today. Railroading, logging, mining, and farming were the main sources of income for local families. Beechwood used to be home to a large sawmill, landing, and gravel pit. In 1982, the community celebrated its 100th birthday. In western Iron County, Michigan, logging and public service agencies (including health care) continue to be the largest employers. The Ottawa National Forest encompasses the Beechwood community. The railroad tracks were removed, and the grade was converted to an off-highway vehicle trail (ATVs, snowmobiles) when the mines in the area closed (1975–1985). The majority of Beechwood residents, MI, are still employed outside of the community’s informal boundaries.

Services Offered

In Beechwood, Michigan, animal removal services are offered for residents in need of assistance. Nuisance wildlife trapping is the process of humane wild animal removal from Beechwood homes. Due to the potential damage caused by Michigan wildlife, wild animal control experts provide animal removal, wild animal damage repair, attic restoration, and feces cleanup services. Wildlife control in Michigan can only be done by licensed professionals. Some of the services offered are:

Beechwood, MI Demographics

  • Population: 3,450
  • Average Age: 33.1
  • Male 50.9%, Female 49.1%
  • People Per Household: 3
  • Median Home Value: $154,000
  • Median Household Income: $55,994

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