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The Best Way Animal Removal company provides bat removal services in Comstock Park, Michigan for attic bats. Our technicians are trained in the most effective and humane bat control practices. In most cases, bat removal is beyond the scope of what a homeowner can do on their own and requires the assistance of professionals because bats are legally protected in the state of Michigan (illegal to kill).

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Nuisance Bat Removal In Comstock Park, Michigan

Unless you’ve previously had bats in your house, it’s probably not something that comes to mind when homeowners hear scratching noises in the attic. Bat nesting is a sad reality for some homeowners in Comstock Park, MI. Bats, whether you think they’re cute or scary, can cause severe problems in your attic if they decide to roost there. Because of their droppings and the possibility of biting, they are a health hazard and are a rabies vector species.

Best Way Wildlife Removal technicians are the local experts for Comstock Park wild animal control and removal. We provide trapping services as well as a variety of other services to better serve homeowners with all of their wildlife management needs. Dead animal removal, bat nesting removal, bat exclusion services, animal proofing, feces clean-up, damage repairs, odor management, animals in window wells, wildlife removal from chimneys, and the list goes on. We are the best choice for any Comstock Park, MI wildlife removal situation because of our experienced technicians and localized training.

Signs Of Bats In The Attic

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  • Droppings on the insulation of the attic
  • Your attic has a strong ammonia odor (the result of excrement)
  • Hearing slight squeaking or scratching noises
  • Seeing bats, whether alive or dead
  • Droppings piled up in the corner of the attic or near the entrance
  • Urine stains on the attic walls

Dangers Of Having Bats In The Home

Bats have been linked to diseases such as Rabies, Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, and Salmonella. Allowing bats to remain in your Comstock Park home is dangerous because dropping will accumulate and further the spread of these diseases.


Bats were once thought to carry rabies at a rate of nearly one in ten, making them a significant reservoir for the rabies virus. Recent sampling has revealed that the prevalence of rabies in bat populations is much lower than previously thought, with only a fraction of a percent of bats carrying the disease. Although the percentage of bats carrying rabies is extremely low, the threat posed by rabies to humans is extremely high. If a bat bites a person, the animal must be humanely euthanized and tested for rabies. When a person begins to show symptoms of rabies, the virus has a near 100% mortality rate.

The Bat Exclusion Process

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The goal of an inspection is to identify out how bats are getting in. Wildlife removal experts will inspect the exterior of your home for any signs of bat traffic. Bats often have multiple entry points under shingles or through cracks in the siding. The entry points may have greasy brown marks around them: a mixture of bat urine, feces, and body oils. The bat exclusion process can begin once all potential points of entry have been identified.


Since Michigan Law protects bats, the only way to properly remove an infestation from a home is to use exclusion devices. Bat exclusion entails using netting or tubes to cover the openings that bats use to enter. The bats can descend and fly out, but they can’t crawl back in. Other devices such as one-way doors work similarly, allowing bats to exit on their own while simultaneously preventing re-entry. These devices are implemented once all, but one entry point is sealed. The exclusion device is set up with the last entry point, and the wild animals will begin to leave on their own.

Clean-Up & Damage Repair

Bat dropping clean-up begins with vacuuming out all of the contaminated insulation and droppings and placing them in insulation bags. All of the bags are emptied into a dumpster and disposed of. Contaminated waste is removed from the attic via an open gable end or an open window and never taken throughout the house.

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