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Don’t Spend Another Day Dealing with Unwanted Wildlife

If your home has ridge vents to help keep your shingles well ventilated in the summer sun and to let moisture out in the winter, then you’re not alone.

Many new or recently built home buyers made the energy efficient choice to install ridge vents when designing their home.

Ridge Guard

However, with this new choice came the possibility that these vents would warp over time, allowing animals like bats, mice, squirrels, and wasps directly into the attic.  A bat needs an opening only 1/4 by 1 inch to enter a building.  If you slide a pencil between your ridge vent and your roof, a bat could enter.

Bat Entering Ridge Vent

Bats must not be allowed into your home.  According to the CDC’s page on Bat-borne rabies prevention, “It’s best to contact an animal control or wildlife conserveration agency for asistance with bat-proofing your home”.

Don’t Spend Another Day Dealing with Unwanted Wildlife

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Over the 16 years we’ve been in business at Best Way Animal Removal, the Ridge-Guard product is the best we’ve seen at bat-proofing your ridge vent access points.  Our company is a manufacturer-certified installer of the Ridge-Guard product.

Because we believe so much in this product, we are offering free no-obligation home inspections to anyone who believes their home may be at risk.

Leave us your phone number or email, and we’ll be in touch to find a time that works for your bat-proofing inspection.

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