Allendale, MI

Photo of Aman Bridge found in Allendale

Allendale is a small unincorporated community in Ottawa County, Michigan, United States. For statistical purposes, it is also a census-designated place (CDP). The population was 17,579 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. The CDP area encompasses about the northern two-thirds of Allendale Charter Township, stretching from the township’s eastern boundary with the Grand River west along Pierce St., north along 75th Ave., and then west along Lake Michigan Drive (M-45) to the township’s western boundary. Apart from the CDP definition, the community is centered at M-45 and 68th Avenue’s intersection, the only roads in the county east of Grand Haven that cross the Grand River.

History Of Allendale Michigan

Allendale was located in a prime location for the early Grand River trade. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come. The Potawatomi and Ottawa Indians camped in the Bass River area before being assimilated. Lumbering and millwork followed the demise of fur trading. Allendale pine forests of maple, elm, beech, and white oak were logged and shipped to Grand Rapids by the river. Because no timber could be shipped until it was sawed into lumber, sawmills grew in popularity. On 68th Street in Allendale, there was a large one that was still in operation in 1896. The most convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation was by boat. Wagons and trucks needed river crossings to get to Grand Rapids markets, so ferries and bridges were built. The Eastmanville Bridge, the only river crossing in central Ottawa County, was completed in 1917. This bridge was replaced after sixty years of service. Pearline, a small settlement, grew on the highway’s corner at 56th Avenue and M-45. When some men at the grocery store were looking for a name, they noticed an overhead sign that said, “Pearline Washes Silks Perfectly.” Pearline was a pearly whitewashing soap that was used to clean embroidered items. As a result, the settlement was given the name Pearline. There were a few stores, a wagon shop, and eventually the First Christian Reformed Church on that corner. In 1962, the name was dropped, and the area became part of Allendale Township. Formal steps to organize as a unit of government were taken around the year 1848. The Township of Malta was the name given to Allendale at the time. Because of the large population of Scottish people and a Scottish song, “Rose of Allendale,” the name was changed to Allendale when it was submitted to the state legislature.

Services Offered

In Allendale, Michigan, animal removal services are offered for residents in need of assistance. Nuisance wildlife trapping is the process of humane wild animal removal from Allendale homes. Due to the potential damage caused by Michigan wildlife, wild animal control experts provide animal removal, wild animal damage repair, attic restoration, and feces cleanup services. Wildlife control in Michigan can only be done by licensed professionals. Some of the services offered are:

Arts & Entertainment In Allendale

Allendale Community Park, located near the township office, is a 40-acre park. It has a Veterans Garden of Honor, which honors American soldiers. It houses nine statues honoring veterans of US wars.

Allendale, MI Demographics

  • Population: 17,579
  • People Under The Age Of 18: 18.5%
  • People over The Age of 65: 5.8%
  • Average Home Value: $196,500
  • Persons Per Household: 2.96
  • Average Work Commute: 21.5 min

Education In Allendale

Grand Valley State University’s main campus, founded in 1960 and spans 1,237 acres, is located in Allendale. Grand Valley State University is the nation’s fastest-growing university, both in population and physical size, as it expands its facilities. The university is also regarded as one of the Midwest’s most promising institutions. The university has a total enrollment of just under 25,000 students on the Allendale campus and two satellite campuses, with over 200 academic programs, making it the largest university in the Grand Rapids area. Allendale Public educational institutions consist of:

  • Allendale Middle School
  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Allendale High School
  • Oakwood Intermediate School
  • New Options Alternative High School
  • Springview Elementary

Allendale’s Media Outlets

Allendale is provided online and print news from Grand Valley Lanthorn (twice a week) and Grand Valley Advance (once a week). Grand Valley State University also provides television and radio stations called WGVU-TV and WGVU-FM.

Government Structure Of Allendale, Michigan

The treasurer, supervisor, clerk, and two or four trustees (depending on the township’s population) make up the Allendale township board. Each of these officials has specific responsibilities that help the township run smoothly. The township board’s elected members adopt an annual budget that determines township services’ scope and nature. They also pass ordinances to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community. The township board is in charge of overseeing the township’s programs and services.

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