rodent control Blaine WA

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rodent control Blaine WA

Bayview Pest Control is a preeminent pest control company in WA, relying on a skilled team of technicians, eco-friendly supplies, and humane practices. Our approach to rodent control in Blaine, WA, ensures a long-lasting solution to your pest-related problems.

What are the methods of controlling rodents?

The best way to eliminate rats from your property is to hire a reliable business for pest control in Blaine, WA. Rats typically survive on three things: food, water, and harborage. Here are a couple of things that you can try to eliminate these rodents from your home:

  1. Eliminate food and water sources – Make sure to remove all potential sources of food and water from the premises, including bird feed, ripe fruits in the garden, pet food in metal containers, etc. Keep the trash cans clean at all times and close them with tightly sealed lids.
  2. Set rodent traps – If you suspect the presence of rats inside your house, place traps in areas where they are highly likely to hide. However, you need to be extra cautious when employing this method, because the traps can cause serious harm to your children or pets.
  3. Poisoning with baits – While this is an effective way to get rid of rats, this may not work well to eliminate the pests indoors. The last thing you want is a rat dying in an unreachable location.

The last step would be to eliminate shelter & harbourage by closing all openings into your house that are larger than ¼ inch in size. Repair and replace all damaged vent screens and trim the trees, bushes, vines above or close to your roof.

Ways to get rid of mice

The ideal way to deal with a mice infestation would be to hire one of the reputed rodent removal companies in Blaine, WA. The problem with engaging in DIY techniques is that it does not eliminate rodents from your property completely. Secondly, you may not have the right supplies at hand for the job, and if not done cautiously, it can pose a great deal of harm and danger to children and pets.

If rats have invaded your home, setting traps is an effective way to catch them. Using baits to kill them is another effective technique, but the noxious odors from the dead animal can plague your house for days if you can't find the body fast.

Benefits of hiring us for rodent control

Ranked among the best Blaine, WA, rodent control companies, we use environmentally friendly supplies and solutions to eliminate pesky little pests from your property. We have a highly skilled and certified team of technicians for rat control in Blaine, WA, who use the most humane methods to get rid of the rodents from your house. Hiring us for mouse removal in Blaine, WA, can save you time, money, and from a ton of stress and can protect you and your family members from potential health hazards.

Contact 360-746-8330 to book Bayview Pest Control for rodent control in Blaine, WA. With hundreds of positive reviews, we are a top-rated pest extermination business in Blaine with exceptional customer services and affordable prices.

rodent control Blaine WA

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