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If you own a pet, you have one more thing to worry about in case of a pest infestation in your home. That is because bugs don’t bother humans only, but animals too. Therefore, when getting pest solutions in Peabody MA, you should put your pets into consideration, just like you do with your family. At Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife, we use pest management techniques that protect household pets from harmful pests.

What Pests Can Pets Bring into the House?

Pets such as dogs and cats can bring pests into the house from the outside. Insects that commonly attach to these animals are ticks and fleas. They’re hard to see as they burrow deep into the hairs and fur. To prevent this from happening, you can do the following to protect your pets from pests:

  • Bathe them Regularly – Bathing gets rid of any insects that may be on your pet’s body. Doing so frequently also ensures that the pests don't get a chance to multiply and that your animal remains comfortable and healthy.
  • Inspect your Pets – After playtime or walks outside, thoroughly inspect your pet. You should brush their coat to get rid of any insects or debris.
  • Keep their Beddings Clean – Hygiene should also extend to their bedding, toys, and food. These can provide hiding places for pests if not kept clean, dry, or canned tightly.

Do Pests Pose a Danger to Pets?

Pests can be harmful to pets by:

  • Causing Pain and Discomfort – Fleas and ticks may cause itching, which will make your dog or cat scratch themselves for relief. As a result, they may lose hair and develop skin rashes.
  • Transmitting Diseases – Some pests transmit diseases to pets when they bite them. For instance, ticks can spread Lyme disease. In addition, a severe flea attack can lead to anemia since they suck a lot of blood from their hosts.
  • Causing Allergies – Animals also have allergic reactions to pest bites and stings, especially bees and wasps. Symptoms include swelling of the head and drooling.

Protecting Pets During Pest Removal

During pest control, it’s important to keep your pets away from any chemicals or activities that may put them in harm's way by:

  • Containing Them – Move your pets to an area of the house where the pest treatments will not be used. You can even take them to a neighbor’s house until all chemical threat has cleared from your home.
  • Making their Presence Known – Inform the exterminator that you have pets. If possible, the exterminators can decide to use repellants that aren’t harmful to pets and children.
  • Store their Belongings in A Safe, Pest-Free Area – If toxic pesticides get on pet beddings or food, the animal can become exposed to it and poisoned in the process. Remove all of your pet’s belongings and keep them in a safe place away from any chemical sprays.

Keep Your Family and Pet Safe

Eastern Pine Pest & Wildlife provides pest solutions in Peabody MA, that can keep your family and pets safe from annoying pests. We do that by using non-toxic pest removal methods. Contact us today on 781-334-8655 for a free estimate. Our professionals will listen to the kind of results you need, and we’ll deliver right away.

pest solutions Peabody MA

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pest solutions Peabody MA

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