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When bats settle in your home, they’re likely to live there for many years to come. That said, their stay is usually seasonal, with them leaving for warmer places during winter if they don’t choose to hibernate in your attic. When it becomes warmer in your area again, the bats will be back to their previous roosts – unless you block their entry points.

At Best Way Animal Removal, we provide unsurpassed services for bat removal in Holland MI, to businesses and homes with an infestation. We use an unexcelled extraction method, which ensures that once the bats leave your attic, they won’t have access to your home again.

FAQs About Our Bat Removal Services

Do you have a bat problem and are wondering whether you need 24/7 bat control services? We receive lots of questions from clients who want us to rid their properties of bats, and here are answers to frequent ones we think you’ll find useful:

How Do I Know if Bats are in My House?

If you’ve seen bats flying in and out of your attic, that’s a sign there’s a settlement in your house. If there are lots of bats in your attic, a strong odor will come from their urine and droppings, alerting you of their presence. However, you’ll not know for sure how many bats you’re dealing with until you check the attic, which we advise you to leave to wildlife animal control and removal experts.

How Do You Remove Bats from the Attic?

We get rid of bats from the attic using an exclusion device that allows them to leave but prevents re-entry. But first, we thoroughly inspect the building for entry points and seal them up, leaving a solo exit that we later block after all the bats have left your house.

Where Do You Take the Bats After Exclusion?

Our bat removal professional services don’t involve trapping of any kind. Once we exclude the bats from your house, they’re free to go elsewhere. Releasing bats to the environment is important as they play a key role in insect control and plant pollination.

Are Bats in My Home Dangerous?

Bats residing in attics don’t usually come into living spaces, so contact with humans is very rare. However, their droppings carry germs such as fungus that can cause an infection called histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis is a lung infection with symptoms such as fever, cough, and fatigue. This infection can be fatal to people with weakened immunity. Besides the health risk, bats can chew through electric wires and insulation, presenting a fire hazard.

How Long Does Bat Removal Take?

How long the process of removing bats from your property takes depends on the size of the colony and outdoor weather. During winter, when bats are hibernating, exclusion takes longer since they rarely leave their warm hideouts. When they’re active, the entire colony can be gone in a matter of days or weeks.

Get a Permanent Solution for Your Bat Infestation

Our top bat specialists in Holland, MI, can help you extract bats from your attic permanently. We don’t subscribe to temporary, harmful practices like bat trapping that leave behind dead carcasses in attics and between walls. With our premier services for bat removal in Holland MI, we’ll quietly lead the mammals away from your home and seal access points that could be used by other pests too. Contact Best Way Animal Removal for the best, safest wildlife control. Phone: 616-836-4255.

bat removal Holland MI

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bat removal Holland MI

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