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Why Excess Logic is the First Name in Asset Disposal:

If you’re like a lot of other business executives or managers in your community, you’re probably looking for an affordable way to dispose of old electronics and assets. One call to our company and your e-waste issues will be a problem solved. At Excess Logic, we provide no-cost asset disposal for portable workstations, desktop PCs, lab gear, devices, semiconductor hardware, biotech gear and other types of assets.

Paying for electronics recycling and asset disposal is a waste of company resources. You can call us at 650-307-7553 and put that cash back to work in another area of your organization while we pick up and dispose of your unwanted electronics for free. We offer free recycling to companies throughout the Fremont and surrounding areas for the purposes of keeping e-waste out of our local landfills and to provide value to your business.

Those space-occupying assets at your facility may be worth something. Give us a call and we’ll come out and take a look at what you have and determine if your assets can be remarketed. Our profit sharing program is one of our most popular, and often makes it possible for businesses to recover a portion of their original investment on assets that would otherwise be recycled.

Keep your electronics out of the local landfill by calling us at 650-307-7553 and we’ll do our part to arrange the pick-up and recycling of your items. Our asset disposal program makes a huge difference in our environment. Consider the following statistics:

The US recycles only about 13% of electronic waste

That, compared with 39% worldwide

The US creates more than 9 million tons of e-waste annually!

41.8 million metric tons of e-waste being sent overseas

The US is discarding 20 million TVs annually

An excess of 40 million PCs disposed of every year

More than 150 million discarded phones every single year!

Looking at numbers like that, it’s easy to think that one company can’t do much to make a positive impact on the environment. The truth is though, that when you do your part, it does affect change. Trust us with your asset disposal- our specialists will discard your sensitive information with strict adherence to the present DoD transfer norms, which at present require seven passes. If you’re currently searching for a recycling agency to do business with, consider giving us a call to discuss your disposal needs. We’ll be happy to find the right solutions to your issues and we’ll manage your recycling without charging you one dime.

If your facility is located in Fremont, Santa Clara, Milpitas, San Jose, Mountain View, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, or in any other location throughout California, we’ll strive to make asset disposal simple and convenient for you and your workers. Connect with one of our specialists by phone or over our website. We’re happy to help with your recycling efforts.


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